Two truths and a lie

At this point you probably guessed the lie. In truth, vending machines are 2.5x more likely to kill you than a shark. I can’t wait to see that horror movie about killer vending machines comes out!!

It’s a common misperception that applicants just want the quickest and easiest applicant experience. Yet study after study disproves this assumption.

Does the application process need to be a reasonable time to complete, absolutely. Studies show that any applicant experience over 15 minutes will result in losing more than half of your applicants. I would suggest making it 10 minutes or less on average. When is the last time you personally took and timed your own applicant experience, both on desktop and mobile?

In this article (link in the comments below) data suggests that job applicants overwhelmingly see value in assessments. 94% of respondents said they felt assessments demonstrate their potential to succeed in a job either “very well” or “somewhat well.” Résumés just don’t tell the whole story!

74% of job applicants agree that assessments are a great way to highlight their full potential to employers, with 45% “strongly agreeing” and 29% “somewhat agreeing,” while only 6% “somewhat disagree” and 3% “strongly disagree.”

In addition, non-white job applicants were more likely to “strongly agree” that assessments demonstrate their potential beyond their experience and better their chances of getting noticed. Only 31% of white applicants “strongly agree” while 60% of Asian applicants, 47% of Black applicants, and 42% of Hispanic applicants “strongly agree.”

This disparity also holds true with younger applicants. 53% of applicants under the age of 25 “strongly agreed” that assessments demonstrate their abilities, while only 26% of applicants 55 and older felt the same way.

This is all great information, but here’s the conundrum…how do we have a reasonable (10 min. or less) applicant experience time-to-complete, that is easy, mobile friendly, and assesses qualifications for 100% of applicants equally?