RIP Resumes. There’s a new way.

“Our process is perfect, no need to make any changes.”

If you can say that you:
– Screen 100% of applicants 💯
– Never ghost anyone 👻
– Have hiring managers who are happy and engaged 😁
– Consistently hire the right candidates with record time to fill 🏆
– AND have eliminated unconscious bias from screening ⚖️

Then you are right, that’s a pretty ideal 🔥.

If you can’t say all of those things yet or if you’re using 2023 to improve your hiring process… You might want to consider the underlying cause that you’re struggling.

Using resumes as the main source of truth and building your process around them is a thing of the past. It is 2023, we can and should do better.

Ditch the resume. Hire Smarter.