With or without SmartRank

100+ applicants to a job within a day?

Yep. We’re starting to see it. How do you screen everyone?

The answer is: you’re probably not able to review every single applicant. If you are, you might have to close your posting quickly because you get so many applicants and it is overwhelming.

But what if the best applicant applies last?

Hundreds of applicants don’t need to make it harder to find the right fit. There is another way…

Maybe a better title for this post would have been “waste your time focused on manual & tedious tasks looking at surface-level information that ultimately decreases hiring manager engagement and DE&I” or “the opposite of that”

Is there a more inefficient way to review/screen applicants than going through them one-by-one in an ATS?

Are there not more effective ways to review/screen applicants than matching keywords between résumés and job descriptions?

There are definitely some parts of the hiring process that are really tricky to “automate.” But the screening & selection process for deciding which applicants you want to interview, is NOT one of those. It’s simple, it makes perfect sense, and it will 100% be automated in coming years.

Talent acquisition is arguably more challenging now than it ever has been in the past. Not automating the screening process is like trying to tread water with a weight belt on. You can either use your arms/hands to try and stay above the surface of the water with the weight belt dragging you down, or allow yourself to sink below the surface of the water for a couple seconds so you can use your arms/hands to get the weight belt off and then swim back up to the surface of the water. If you fell in the water with a weight belt, which option would you choose?

Keep your head above water (without the weight belt) with SmartRank!!