High TA Turnover… What gives?

Multiple sources of data, including the Zippia article this graphic data came from, show that talent acquisition and HR have some of the highest turnover out of any department, especially over the past few years.

While we could speculate all day about reasons, let’s just look at some additional data points first.

According to some recent data by Aptitude Research:

Activities that take up recruiters’ time (in order):
1. Reviewing applicants
2. Finding applicants
3. Scheduling interviews
4. Screening applicants
5. Communicating

Resources that recruiters need (in order):
1. Better tools to automate processes
2. More time to engage candidates
3. Simple technology
4. Less time doing admin work
5. Data to drive decisions

And, “1-in-2 recruiters would leave their current role for better technology.”

So what does that all mean?

Recruiters spend A LOT of their time on manual and tedious tasks that SHOULD be automated, and they know it. Recruiters need (not want) innovative technology to help them do their job better.

TA and HR leaders are solely responsible for making their teams happier, more fulfilled, and removing barriers to their success. “We don’t have the budget” is just not an acceptable excuse.
Turnover is EXTREMELY expensive, and that alone justifies the additional cost. Leaders owe it to their teams to make the business case for better technology.

And by the way, we’re not talking about replacing a “traditional ATS” with a “newer traditional ATS” because that will probably only help with some of the symptoms rather than the root cause. We’re talking about transformative and disruptive technology that solves the root causes of the biggest problems in talent acquisition. Leaders need to stop following what everyone else is doing and start leading!