Are You Still Using Rabbit Ears to Find Candidates

Imagine this:
You walk into a Best Buy to buy a brand new flat screen TV with all the newest technology. You want Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/ Youtube and 50 other apps included, app store access, music streaming, 4k Ultra HD, and your smartphone is the remote.

Strangely, you don’t see any of these newer TVs, instead you see a wall full of 1970s tube TVs like the graphic for this post that come fully equipped with radio dials and “rabbit ears.” Totally confused, you ask a Best Buy employee where all the newer TVs are and they tell you that the industry has decided to stop manufacturing those newer flat screen models and are now going back to the 1970s models.

What would you be thinking?

Now wonder what an applicant thinks when they have to submit their résumé for your review, and they know that is the ONE determining factor that will either get them an interview or not. Now wonder what your hiring manager thinks when they have to review those 5 résumés you sent over email.

A LOT has changed in all aspects of society over the past 50 years…all except the process for evaluating job applicants. If you’re still cranking out those job descriptions, checking out those résumés, and even working with this “state-of-the-art” new technology called an Applicant Tracking System…then your process is very likely outdated…like 25 – 50 years outdated. If you think this process is a good one, well then there may be a high likelihood you are also perfectly content with your tube TV with rabbit ears at home!