Are You Working for Your ATS…Or is Your ATS Working for You?

Software should make our lives easier, not harder.

There is a concept called “opinionated” vs. “unopinionated” software. Here’s the very high-level definitions for both:

Unopinionated software – highly configurable but generally more manual task management because you make the decision for every single last thing that needs to happen within the system. In other words, there is not really any automation happening, you’re the one that has to do everything.

Example: Old email systems without spam filters. They are not going to filter anything because you have to make the decision on every single email as to whether it’s spam or not.

Opinionated software – less configurable but essentially involves more automation with tasks because it can assume the next logical step based on some assumptions. In other words, it automates much of the work for you, but you have to be comfortable with the assumptions it makes.

Example: Gmail spam filters. They make logical assumptions about what email is spam and what is not. They are not 100% correct all the time, but they’re pretty darn close.

Both types of software naturally have pros and cons. Which one is right for you really depends on preference. In the email spam filter examples above, you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth it to you to save the time with Gmail filtering out spam emails for you under some assumptions, realizing they won’t get it perfect 100% of the time. Or, maybe you are okay with your inbox being bombarded with every single email because you want to decide which emails are spam and which are not, but you’re going to waste a lot of your time filtering emails.

ATSs work in the same way. Generally speaking, unopinionated ATSs (which are most of them) create a lot of manual tasks and clicks for every single thing you want to happen. If you don’t take action, it won’t happen, and that can waste A LOT of your time. In other words, you end up working for your ATS.

SmartRank is more opinionated which creates automation. This saves time and reduces frustration. Your ATS ends up working for you.

If you want to see opinionated and therefore massive time-saving software in action, send us a note!