Are Your Talent Acquisition Priorities Planned in Advance of the Problems?

Just to get this out of the way, this is not a religious post, but rather a business operations post.

In our extremely demanding business culture we live in today, it sometimes feels like we never have enough time to do anything we need to do. We’re too busy with tactical day-to-day tasks that we can’t step back and strategically assess our operations.

When we can’t look at the operations strategically, we can’t look at the tools & technologies that drive our processes, which dictate certain challenges, which ultimately keep us from achieving certain positive business outcomes or producing negative business outcomes.

If you get this opportunity to strategically assess your business, YOU TAKE IT!!!

Missing that opportunity will result in a never-ending cycle of reliving the same problems over and over, because eventually that opportunity will pass, and you’ll be right back to the busy hustle of just trying to get through the day. You definitely won’t be implementing any real change in process, tools, or technologies at that point.

One department that has this opportunity right now is talent acquisition. Many companies have hiring freezes in place or hiring has significantly slowed. This is not only the best time to be looking at how you should be improving your operations, but also the best time to implement new processes and technologies.

Noah didn’t build the Ark after it rained. He didn’t build the Ark while it was raining. He built the Ark BEFORE it rained.

To all the talent acquisition leaders out there where they’re hiring needs have slowed down, it’s time to build your Ark!!