Dysfunction and Arguments Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Do recruiters and hiring managers align on what qualifications are needed for job roles? Usually not. What is considered “alignment” usually amounts to updating a job description and a high-level conversation. Inevitably the hiring process breaks down and both parties end up blaming the other. Who’s fault is it? Well both of course, but let’s examine both positions.

Recruiter arguments:
* I’m not a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for your role, to think otherwise is an unfair and unrealistic expectation. This is totally valid and anyone that thinks differently is living in a fantasy world. One of the disconnects here is that being a “SME” is a subjective term. The only thing more dangerous than a non-SME, is someone that thinks they are a SME, but are not even close to being one.

* Hiring managers don’t know exactly what they want or need. This can be true or false depending on the people involved, but I would argue that the real problem here are that these detailed conversations are NOT happening, and even if they were, what would the recruiter do with all that detailed information? As the recruiter, if you let hiring managers off the hook by providing you with vague qualifications, then you don’t have what you need to do your job, it will likely not end up well, and the hiring manager will probably blame you in the end.

Hiring manager arguments:
* These job descriptions and intake meetings are a waste of time, and aren’t even scratching the surface of what qualifications are needed for this role. But I don’t have enough time to make the recruiter a SME, and even if I spent the time, chances are that I’ll be working with a new recruiter and will have to start all over again. This is true. Getting “years of experience” in something or a list of all the things they need “experience” or “familiarity” with is a start, but not even close to a destination. That’s like asking, “where should I meet you?” and the other person says, “West.”

* I’m busy and you (the recruiter) are supposed to be the expert, so I’ll give you what you ask for, but that’s it. If you ask for an updated JD and a 30-minute surface-level conversation about what is needed for this role, then that’s what I’ll give you. This happens, but it’s not good. Hiring managers have been trained to give surface-level answers to surface-level questions. As long as that remains acceptable, nothing will change.

Great Keith, most of us already knew this…so what is the solution?

Simple, you just need a way to generate extremely detailed questions & answer options that are at a SME level, have the hiring manager verify that information, then have a system that automates the task of asking 100% of the applicants those SME-related questions, score all their answers, and then stack-rank and filter those applicants based on those scores.

Yeah right, all of that does not sound simple! But it is. Send me a message and I’ll show you!