Forbes Article…Is the Résumé Dead?

92% of companies view skills-based hiring as more effective than using a traditional CV (curriculum vitae), another word for résumé.” YOU THINK? Of course skills-based is more effective, but there are nuances to getting skills-based hiring right.

Are we finally at a point where we can stop using résumés to screen talent? We all hope so, because it’s highly inefficient, ineffective, and biased. You can find tons of research to back this up, or just go to LinkedIn and read the posts and comments from job applicants, recruiters, and even hiring managers lamenting about how bad the current hiring process is working today. I would argue the root causes for that dysfunction are the tools (e.g., résumés, job descriptions, legacy ATSs, etc.) we use in recruiting, and the processes those tools dictate we use.

There is so much talk in companies about “Skills Gaps” and “Improving Retention” and “Improving Productivity.” You fix those problems by hiring the best possible people you can. And you are NOT going to hire the best possible people you can by using résumés. In the same way there is so much talk within talent acquisition about “Improving Efficiency” and “Quality-of-Hire” and “Improving DE&I.” Guess what? You are NOT going to solve those problems by using a résumé either. In fact, you are likely to only exacerbate them.

There are smart, practical, highly-effective, and easy solutions that completely automate the screening process without using/needing a résumé, and I’m not talking about some ineffective biased AI algorithm. I know these solutions exist because I’m a founder of one of them!