Manual and Tedious Tasks in Recruiting is Stealing Your Time

Research and survey data consistently tell us that “reviewing & screening” applicants is the most time consuming task a recruiter has. The time spent on this task ranges anywhere between 30% – 70% per day. This is staggering and highly inefficient.

One has to immediately ask, what process on earth could create this level of inefficiency? The answer is easy when you look at how most recruiters review and screen applicants, manually and tediously. Opening each applicant in a traditional ATS one-by-one, matching keywords on a résumé to keywords on a job description is going to take a long time. What’s worse…it’s not very effective. It is definitely what most recruiters do, but it is definitely not efficient or effective.

What other manual and tedious tasks do recruiters have?
* Sending applicants to hiring managers and following up for feedback
* Following up on feedback after an interview
* Working through the rest of the applicants one-by-one, either inviting them to interviews, dispositioning, etc.

So the big question is really WHY do we do this? Short answer…because this is how we’ve always done it. These problems with recruiters never having enough time, which ultimately leads to burnout, are not going away until we stop doing it the same way we’ve always done it.

One last thing to consider. If your risk tolerance only allows you to try a “slight evolution” then it will likely produce a “slight improvement.” Maybe you go from 50% to 48.5% time spent on screening. Or you can look at a “revolution” which could take you from 50% to 5% of your time being spent on screening/reviewing applicants. It’s all about how motivated you are to solve that problem.