Nobody Wants to Talk to a Salesperson…I Get It. But…

Nobody wants to talk to salespeople, I get it. They can be annoying, relentless, pushy, and downright rude at times. And many times salespeople don’t know their space or products very well.

With the proliferation of sales tools, it has become WAY TOO noisy. We get hit up on email, social media, texts, phone calls, and at some point we just turn off any and all receptors to anything that even smells like a sales call.

If that’s not bad enough, 90% of the crap we’re being sold we either don’t need, don’t want, solves zero problems, and/or has zero competitive differentiation from every other product in their market.

BUT…every once in a while…there is a very competent salesperson with an amazing product/service. A product or service that companies absolutely NEED, solves major problems, and is truly innovative in their respective market.

So what’s the point? Have a screen door instead of a vault. You have to filter out a lot of sales nonsense, but don’t shut yourself off all together or you might miss something that could give you that promotion or make your life 10x easier!