Status Quo vs. Disrupter…Which Best Defines Your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Does anyone remember Netflix when they first came out? In the beginning they had a slightly different approach to renting movies (at the time DVDs). They would ship the movies to your house and you would ship them back. It was a decent idea. They got rid of late fees, had return envelopes to make the process easier, but they were also hemorrhaging cash and almost out of business. That’s why they approached Blockbuster Video with the hopes of being acquired for $50M. Blockbuster declined their offer, and the rest is history.

It wasn’t until they made the pivot to streaming that they truly became the disruptive Netflix we all know today. Why? Because they finally tossed out the status quo thinking of “needing an actual DVD” and began thinking how they could be fundamentally different.

True disrupters are rare, even in this technology-driven world we live in. But every once in a while a disrupter like Uber or Netflix comes on the scene at the right time and completely changes our world.

There is no department that needs disruption more than talent acquisition. Every other department in business like Sales, Marketing, Finance, etc. has upgraded their tools, technology, and processes over the past 25 years. It is time for talent acquisition to do the same!

At SmartRank we believe that we have the innovative ideas and technology to disrupt the talent acquisition market because we:
1. Ask a lot of important, detailed, and sometimes difficult questions to uncover the most important problems
2. Identify the root-cause of those problems
3. Put ALL assumptions, opinions, status quo, and the “way things have always been done” type of thinking to the side
4. Accept early objections and criticisms of our ideas because they are so different
5. Understand that sometimes it just takes time for everyone else to see the same vision

If your disruptive technology doesn’t scare people a little, then you aren’t even trying to be a disrupter.