What Causes Recruiter Burnout?

If you are a recruiter that feels burned out, you should check out this article that my good friend Anna Peters sent me AND seriously consider what you want the next 10 years of your career to look like.

4 things this article mentioned as burnout symptoms that SmartRank addresses in one way or another:

Exhaustion – we minimize so many of the manual tasks (e.g., reviewing résumés) associated with recruiting which enables recruiters to accomplish more in an 8 hour day than they would in a 14 hour day

Cynicism and Pessimism – this talks about conflict at work. HMs and recruiters ALWAYS have conflict, even if it’s not overt. SmartRank helps to bridge this gap that that exists at most companies because our solution pulls both parties on the same page and accountability is shared amongst all parties involved in the hiring process

Reduced productivity – reviewing resumes and all the other tasks a recruiter must do are SO manual in nature and therefore their productivity plummets. Automate the tasks that can be automated and you increase productivity, which is exactly what SmartRank does

Feeling of stagnation – of course…the basic recruiting process hasn’t changed in 25-years, and industry experts talk about this ALL the time. SmartRank fundamentally approaches recruiting in a better and different way

The only part of the article where they lost me is when they talk about solutions for overcoming burnout. “Setting goals” “maintaining work-life balance” and “getting adequate sleep” are nice, but those solutions alone are not going to massively reduce burnout because they are not tangible enough.

If you want to reduce burnout, then you need to:
1. Objectively look at your TA tools and processes (hint: if you are still manually looking and managing every applicant one-by-one, and you’re still sending résumés to hiring managers, then you need to ask yourself why)
2. Make some fundamental changes in the technology you’re using (hint: if you’re not reducing your manual tasks by 30% – 50%, then you’re not even trying)
3. Introduce technology and processes that are actually NEW (hint: updating job descriptions and trying to have better intake meetings are not even scratching the surface)

If you are a TA and/or HR leader that truly wants to reduce burnout on your team, then it’s time for less talk and more action with SmartRank!!