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What we believe

At SmartRank we believe job descriptions aren’t very useful. They are filled with phrases like “detail-oriented,” “good communication skills,” and “proficient in…”  that are so vague and open to interpretation that they don’t really help applicants know what the hiring organization is looking for. Nor are these job descriptions very helpful to recruiters trying to find the people that are best aligned with the hiring organization’s needs. Job descriptions are mostly a waste of everybody’s time.

We believe that the process of scanning resumes – equally ambiguous depictions of an applicant’s suitability for a role – to find the people that “match” with some interpretation of the job description is fundamentally flawed, especially when it’s being done by people with the least subject matter expertise under time constraints that give them seconds per resume to make decisions. Because resumes reveal demographic information and other subjective triggers, this process is rife with unconscious bias. We believe resumes have no place in screening, except to save the applicant some typing.

We believe that matching people to organizations by matching vague representations of both, whether done by humans or machines, isn’t fair to applicants, places unrealistic expectations on the matcher, and results in poor outcomes for the hiring organization. So we developed a product and process to fix it and that is how we go about finding our people at SmartRank.

We believe that every applicant should be on an equal playing field when it comes to applying for a job, so we use the app we’ve developed to ask every applicant to answer the same set of multiple-choice questions that are very specific about what we’re looking for in that particular role. The app doesn’t reveal the applicant’s resume and demographic indicators to us until we invite them for an interview. The app employs an objective scoring system based solely on the applicant’s answers to produce a stack ranking, which informs who we invite for interviews. We also believe in letting all applicants know right away whether they are in consideration so we use our app to make that happen.

Why you would want to work at SmartRank

  • Replace the broken hiring processes of today with a better experience for everyone involved
  • Create meaningful change in workplace diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Own equity in a transformational start-up with significant growth potential
  • Have the choices and career opportunities available in an early-stage startup
  • Work directly with founders, have your ideas heard, and make an impact
  • Learn and/or teach how to grow a tech start-up

What we value

  • Honesty/Integrity – we know this is the best way to do business, even when the truth hurts
  • Resourcefulness – we prefer figuring shit out over burdening others
  • Accountability – we own our mistakes and value others who do
  • Passion – we love what we do and it shows in our work
  • Grit – we aren’t easily intimidated by challenges, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this

What to do next

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