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Learn if SmartRank aligns with your beliefs and values.

What we believe

At SmartRank we believe that job descriptions have very little value.  The language in almost all job descriptions is vague, at best, which doesn’t really help applicants know exactly what the hiring organization is looking for.  Because the language is vague, applicants interpret what they want to think about the role which doesn’t really help the hiring organization.  Basically job descriptions don’t really help either side of the hiring process.

We believe that every applicant should get an equal playing field when it comes to applying for a job.  That’s one of the reasons we don’t look at resumes until after we’ve decided to interview someone.  Instead we use our own software application to determine whether an applicant qualifies for a particular role based on the qualifications we are specifically looking for in a new employee.  Every applicant receives the exact same set of questions and our hiring managers don’t look at any information that creates unconscious bias.

Job descriptions and resumes are extremely antiquated ways of evaluating talent.  They are also rife with bias.  We also believe in letting applicants know right away whether they are in consideration for a role, or not.  If you believe the same way we do about these challenges in the hiring process, then keep reading.

Why you would want to work at SmartRank

  • Be a part of truly disrupting a very antiquated, inefficient, ineffective, bias-centric hiring process that most companies practice today
  • Equity in a new start-up that has potential to be huge
  • Learn how to build and grow a start-up (in case you might want do it yourself one day)
  • Never be bored and always be challenged because building a start-up is hard!
  • Ability to make an actual impact at an organization, have your ideas be really listened to, and have the opportunity to create your own career path
  • Have a lot of fun!!

Please apply if you fit the following criteria

  • Honesty/Integrity – we can’t coach these characteristics and we have zero room for negotiation in this area
  • Resourceful – problem solve, figure sh*t out, don’t complain about a bunch of problems and then offer no solutions
  • Accountable – if you can’t take responsibility for mistakes that you had a part in, then this is definitely not the company for you
  • Work ethic – this doesn’t mean you are willing to work 80 hours a week.  If you can be as, or more, productive in getting all your work done in 40 hours, then that’s fantastic.  This does mean your work is usually on-time, it’s done to the absolute best of your abilities, and most importantly you take pride in your work
  • Grit – you have a mental fortitude and perseverance that allows you to keep pushing forward when most people would stop

What to do next

All you have to do is apply and be honest with your answers.  That’s it!!  The rest will take care of itself.