Transforming Talent Acquisition: The SimX Success Story with SmartRank

The Challenge

SimX was facing multiple challenges related to their job candidate screening and hiring process. They were often receiving hundreds of job candidates for one role, and their existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Greenhouse, provided no applicant screening support, which forced the recruiters to manually screen each applicant by reviewing their résumés, one-at-a-time. This greatly extended the time it took to get candidates through the hiring process, and in some cases prevented the team from reviewing candidates in a timely manner or at all. This process ultimately led to a poor applicant experience, and a significant amount of wasted time for the recruiters and hiring managers.

In addition to spending an excessive amount of time screening applicants, SimX was also finding it difficult to qualify candidates. As a virtual reality (VR) medical simulation platform, roughly 60% of the requisitions were for technical roles. Recruiters were not subject matter experts for the roles they managed, which led to a higher interview-to-hire ratio, and wasted time and frustration by the hiring managers. This led to reduced feedback from frustrated hiring managers, which was exacerbated by the non-hiring-manager-friendly user interface of their ATS.

Challenges with the tools and recruiting process negatively impacted collaboration, communication, and overall relationship between the talent acquisition and hiring manager teams.

Limitations in the existing ATS also prohibited SimX from implementing meaningful and actionable solutions for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) which was an important initiative for the talent acquisition team and the company.

“We’ve seen our screening time reduced by over 90%, strengthened our relationship with hiring managers, and achieved a 100% retention rate of all hires.”

The Solution

SimX chose to replace Greenhouse with a new ATS + screening software called SmartRank. SmartRank brought automation to many areas of the hiring process, including SimX’s biggest pain point, the screening and selection process. To apply, candidates answered a set of highly specific multiple-choice questions created by the hiring managers. Their answers told the hiring managers exactly what they wanted to know about every applicant without having to look at a résumé.

Based on their selected answers, candidates were assigned an objective match score (%) that was used to stack rank them from most to least qualified. This enabled SimX recruiters to quickly identify the candidates that best matched the hiring manager’s requirements and get them in the hiring funnel faster. Candidates with lower match scores could be efficiently managed using SmartRank’s bulk actions, which act on multiple candidates for multiple requisitions simultaneously. These features made screening significantly more efficient and effective and finding the best applicants in a timely manner.

The recruiting team also immediately took advantage of SmartRank’s interview scorecards feature. Scorecards were quickly and easily created and distributed to hiring managers for every scheduled interview. Without any training on SmartRank, hiring managers immediately started providing feedback which was automatically aggregated into a candidate profile that recruiters could easily manage.

SimX also implemented SmartRank’s DEIB settings to provide a fair, equitable, and objective evaluation process for every candidate. In addition, SimX enabled SmartRank’s DEIB feature to mask the primary sources of unconscious bias – such as the candidate’s name, college attended, years of graduation, resume, and LinkedIn profile – until the candidate is selected for an interview.

The Outcome

This stack-ranked list based on hiring manager-derived qualifications removed the burden of recruiters feeling like they need to be subject matter experts, reduced their screening time by over 90%, and strengthened their relationship with hiring managers.

The ease of using SmartRank’s hiring manager interface to complete interview scorecards led to an Interview Feedback Provided rate of 94%. Seeing better qualified candidates also decreased the interview-to-hire ratio, which decreased SimX’s overall time-to-hire.

The substantial time savings realized by the recruiting team has allowed them to spend more quality time with candidates and collaborating with hiring managers. The elevated conversation around qualifications and improved communication with hiring managers has led to a partnership built on a foundation of trust. Recruiters are now viewed as business partners instead of “order takers.” 

Better qualified candidates and focused interviews has resulted in a 100% retention rate of all hires made after implementing SmartRank.

In addition to the efficiency and effectiveness gained by the talent acquisition team, the new and engaging process of answering role-specific questions instead of just submitting a résumé, has significantly increased the job application completion rate by over 60% and improved the overall applicant experience.

“After implementing SmartRank, the recruiting process is no longer a dread.”

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