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Employing top talent requires identifying and hiring the most qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.

Learn how SmartRank can help you:

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Hire better-qualified candidates faster


Identify top applicants when they apply and provide an efficient process for obtaining hiring manager feedback and communicating with the applicant.

How SmartRank Helps:

Applicants are immediately stack-ranked and filtered based on their answers to hiring-manager-generated questions specific to the requisition. Top-ranked applicants for all your requisitions appear instantly in the “Top Applicants” view. Additionally, you can opt for an automatic notification via email whenever a top-ranked applicant applies.



Reduce attrition

The expected cost of turnover is 30% of an employee’s first-year salary or roughly $71,000/year for professional occupations. Read below to find out what employee turnover is costing you.


Reduce miscommunication by identifying the exact qualifications employees need to be successful and then ranking how applicants self-assess on questions relating to those qualifications.

How SmartRank Helps:

Every applicant answers the same set of screening questions, and their answers are documented and scored based on the hiring manager’s weighting of those questions. To predict successful hires, SmartRank presents correlations between the applicant’s responses and outcomes (e.g., positive/negative hiring manager sentiment).



Reduce the ever-increasing costs of internal or external recruiters

Average internal recruiter salary is $80,000 – $120,000. External recruiting fees average 15% – 30% of the first-year salary. Recruiters spend 57% of their time screening applicants, 99% of whom they will never hire.


Instead of recruiters spending hours looking at resumes and doing phone screens, automation tools provide applicants with screening questions, which are ranked based on the applicant’s answers so recruiters can spend their time focused on recruiting the top 1%.

How SmartRank Helps:

For any given requisition, all applicants answer the same set of role-specific questions and are ranked based on their responses. Instead of reading resumes, recruiters use accurate role-specific applicant data to identify and recruit top-ranked candidates. SmartRank’s automation tools enable one recruiter to do the job of three.



Reduce time wasted interviewing unqualified applicants

Although commonplace, it is unrealistic for recruiters to be subject matter experts in all the areas they are hiring for based solely on hiring manager requirements—leading to an inefficient Interview-to-Hire Ratio and inflating the number of interviewer hours required to make a single hire.


Reduce the number of interviews your team conducts by ensuring they only interview top-ranked candidates thoroughly screened for the specific qualifications of the role.

How SmartRank Helps:

Every job application receives a SmartMatch® score, derived from weighing applicant answers to role-specific questions created by hiring managers to measure specific skills and qualifications before conducting an interview. Recruiters are relieved of the burden of attempting to be subject matter experts, hiring managers interview only the most qualified candidates, and the interview cost per hire is reduced.



Improve communication between recruiters and hiring managers

Recruiter/hiring manager miscommunication and ambiguity inherent in legacy tools are unnecessary shortcomings that only result in unqualified applicants being referred to the hiring manager—who then invests less effort in a dysfunctional applicant process with low ROI.


Remove the expectation that recruiters are subject matter experts, and stop using ambiguous legacy tools that waste time and produce low returns on investment. Instead, use automation tools that incentivize hiring manager engagement by enabling them to directly screen applicants based on specific needs to deliver the top candidates based on set criteria—not on a recruiter’s crystal ball.

How SmartRank Helps:

Improve the recruiter/hiring manager relationship with SmartRank automation tools that redefines the role of recruiters by removing the expectation that they are subject matter experts. Instead, recruiters focus on assisting hiring managers in creating questions and answers that clearly define what is needed in a candidate. Based on the answers received, only the applicants with the highest SmartMatch® scores are sent to the hiring manager for review.



Reduce time reviewing 99% of applicants you don’t hire

Recruiters and hiring managers waste time looking at resumes and profiles of applicants they will likely never interview because they have no other way of knowing which applicants to invite.


Stop using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that focus only on cataloging resumes. Instead, use automation tools to collect detailed, searchable data on all your applicants and then use that data to make quick, objective, and highly justifiable decisions.

How SmartRank Helps:

Applicants are stack-ranked based on their answers to role-specific questions. SmartRank provides bulk pass and bulk disposition tools with corresponding email templates that allow recruiters to respond to lower-ranked applicants quickly and professionally with a single click. SmartRank lets your team focus on the best talent and automate the rest.



“I’m not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion”

-Alexander the Great

Enter SmartRank

SmartRank’s approach to screening completely replaces the job description and resume with a truly objective and inclusive ranking system. By removing the resume, SmartRank effectively removes the unconscious bias that is typically generated by it. SmartRank also incorporates ratings into the pre-screening process with its novel colleague rating feature.

Additional innovative tools help bridge the gap between talent acquisition teams and hiring managers. By bolstering the communication and engagement with hiring managers, talent acquisition teams can make better and faster decisions on top talent.

SmartRank then combines human intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) to weight selected data so that applicant scores correlate to attrition and performance data. This continuous feedback loop helps humans to create increasingly high-signal inputs that can better prevent regretful hires and predict top talent in the future. 

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